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Baby Booties with fringe cast-off

For the basic booty pattern I adapted this instruction. The detail of my booties is the fringe cast-off that I added.

Small amount of fingering or sport weight yarn (about 1/2 a ball)
A set of 5 dpn size 1 or 2
Darning needle
crochet hook for the ties or a matching satin ribbon

will fit a newborn

Cast on 10 sts and knit 18 ridges (36 rows) of garter stitch. Knit another row of the 10 st and then with a new needle pick up 18 st (1 stitch per each ridge) along the left side of the sole, pick up 10 st of the cast-on edge on a second needle. Pick up 18 sts along the right side of the sole 56 sts total. Now working in rounds: purl 4 rounds, knit 4 rounds, purl 4 rounds, knit 4 rounds, purl 4 rounds.
Next to shape the instep knit and purl short rows back and forth with the 10 sts needle. For that SSK the 10th St together with the closest stitch on the adjacent 18-st needle at the end of the row, turn, sl1 purl 8 purl the next st with closest stitch on the adjacent 18-st needle, turn sl1 knit 8, SSK the 10th St together with the closest stitch on the adjacent 18-st. Repeat in this matter until there are only 10 sts on the former 18 st- needle remaining, 40 stitches total.
Continue working in rounds over the 40 sts, knit one round and to prevent holes between instep and leg pick up an extra stitch between needle 1 (instep needle) and 2 and knit it together with the next stitch, also do this at the end of needle 4. Now knit two rounds in k1p1 ribbing, next round make eyelets for the ties for that *SSK, yo* all around. Knit another 2 rounds of k1p1 ribbing. Knit 2 rounds stockinette stitch.
For the fringe cast off: cast off 2 stitches, * bring back the last st onto your left hand needle and cast on 4 stitches (like shown here), cast off 6 stitches* repeat until all stitches are cast off. The more stitches you cast on the longer the fringes will be. If you only cast on one stitch you will get a picot cast-off like in these booties.
You can play around with this cast-off like alternating two different length of cast-offs to give it a jester-look.

For older babies use DK-weight yarn and size 3 needles

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